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One Nation's Ignorance
A dive to death and not a sentence lived throughout
Not a beating, nor bleeding heart was serviced in decay
Not a book could save nor a word through prayer
When ignorance turned majority, the world spoke too late
Fallen have hopes turned without a thought to spare
Troubled have thoughts become in a moment we granted
The love to live in a decade of death, you voted for this
Though care not, until quality of life has been disbanded
Blood-lust in a society no one can call civilized
You sent your young, and selves to die for one's own greed
Blame not anyone for the blood stains your own hands
Pretend you're blind and it is only ignorance you shall breed.
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Different Today
You're slightly less than yesterday
You're slightly more than the day before
You've got a reason inside you shouting
Throughout your whole life you've ignored
And now you wake up, not to get up
But to open those eyes you've closed
See a new sight in an old life
Full of red tape and caution imposed
You wish to shout, to scream and yell
To run through the walls that surround you
Live an instant to death, like it's your last breath
And ignore everyone around you
You've been cut loose, a little scared
A lot different than that time long ago
What has changed, turned untamed
Clawing at your mind and you still don't know
You're a second before the trigger
A moment before the ending, you speak
You make a decision, hope to make an incision
That makes everyone but you weak
Success is the tears not from you
Cold stare from a statue carved
You stand as a stone, though alone
Heartless from being love-starved
So you close your chest and lock it
Develop a shell no one can pierce
Where no eyes can loo
:iconsadisticfreek:sadisticfreek 0 1
Show Your Face
The hypnotic beating in my chest has faded
Through your voice in memories cascaded
Oh your words ring through my ears like pain
Needles-to-nails, in my skull, when you speak my name
A drop of red fills my mind as I think back
Not a reason left through a moment I extract
Your words have shown your back turned on me
And I can not recall someone who has so wronged me
Not one ear used to listen to my voice
Turned away instead by a simply made choice
And that makes you the betrayer of all known
The ruthless harlot missing the mask you've always shown.
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Dreamt of a Better Life
Contemplating the day ahead
"Wait for 'morrow and stay in bed?"
Then tomorrow becomes today
And I still wish not to wake
A thought provoked, close my eyes
Dream a dream of better times
Of a whisper in the ear of promises
As I bid farewell to my consciousness
Mind infected, rotted to the black
Not one piece of myself held intact
Tell myself tomorrow will improve
Though I know I still won't move
My eyes may open, I want them to close
Not a moment awake though time slows
Night time arrives, and I wish not to see it
For I dreamt a dream and I'd prefer to believe it.
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Chance of a Lifetime
If I could reach for...
If I could touch the skies
Fall face first into the world you created
I would...
just to be next to you again
If I could reach for...
If I could tear at the seams
Rip at the seams you stitched into time
I would...
just to walk next to you again
If I had the chance
I'd undo the past
Reach for more time
And never release my clasp
If I had the chance...
:iconsadisticfreek:sadisticfreek 0 2
Secret Shards
Shards to shreds
Fragmented inside
Little to nothing
Still I try
Step forward
And it hits me hard
Out of breath
And still so far
A thought before it fades away
A thought and I pry to say
"If anything or everything, I'd choose nothing"
And that's a scratch at my surface without touching
I wrap my mind upon the inquiry
And my mindlessness returns in a hurry
Soon a question is asked if I'm deep in thought
A reply of "Always…" after I see I was caught
A heart broken shattered mess
And everything that hurts I refuse to confess
I bleed inside, and suffer the pain
Lips sealed to conceal everything
And the weight upon me
Affects me strongly
As I lay to rest, wishing for a better feeling
Without all of this weight with which I've been dealing.
:iconsadisticfreek:sadisticfreek 1 1
The Symphony we Cry
Symphony for the advocate
sing along to the chime
we sing...
Faded glory
loveless life
Darkness takes hold
and we still survive
A sentence to your ear
Just a whisper for the world
Tempest delight in this breeze of life
We scream...
Broken hearts
shattered minds
Faded dreams
are forgotten lives
Beneath the simplest word
Found not an emotion worth it
So the pain you endured
Should not have been burdened
And upon looking back
Realized are the mistakes
Where once regret was lacked
Now it's too late
we cry...
Suddenly vacant
Falling underneath
The mere memories
are making it hard to breathe.
:iconsadisticfreek:sadisticfreek 1 1
A Sense of Forever Fading
Drip by drop
The headaches stop
The taste of the sentence you spoke to me
Upon which I hope you start choking
Choke on the words you fed to me
Blindly following them sentence by sentence
Until I realized just what you said to me
As you tried to disprove her innocence
Blaming it on drugs-taboo
To which it found its way to the ears of Blu.e
And the anger of him soon became the anger of me
As you continued to slander the one who was so loving
Now you find me in the red
To which you ask "what's the matter?"
Just a sentence you shed
To find it was you who brought this world to shatter
And finally you stop, ponder to wait
As the darkness you brought falls decayed
And the answer you want you will not find in me
For every sentence you spoke were emotions you buried.
:iconsadisticfreek:sadisticfreek 0 0
Define Forever
The world turns, but my love stays still,
within the capsule found within your chest
Beating with the heart that quickens
when your body, against mine, is pressed
The soft lips that I feel upon my flesh
sends a chill of euphoria into my core
I kiss you upon your lips of perfection
and I close my eyes as you kiss me more
I hold you tightly within my arms
Wishing I never had to release my grip
Hearing your breaths over your beating heart
And feeling, upon my neck, your sweet lips
My whispers fill your ears, upon which you reply,
"I love you too, always and forever, and tons of tons"
"G'night my love, and sweet dreams as well," I say
As I kiss your lips thrice, and your cheek once
We close our eyes, and fall to sleep
We find eachother in our dreams
A place where everything finds perfection
And our love defines forever, it seems.
:iconsadisticfreek:sadisticfreek 0 4


Dreaming wants
She has dreams and desires every night
Nightmares come with a fight
Hugging and holding her pillow
Connecting the shadows to draw hope
A big paiting of the house of the Pope
Tissues wiping the tears
That sadness floats my fears
I wish I could be there
I wish I could be what she wanted
    Lost in a sea of confusion
       Drowning in doubt
Is it fair to conform to be what they want
When my mind is unhappy
She needs to be happy as can be
Living o so free
While I wander in my own puddle of misery
The puddle made by my mind
Why can’t I find…
:icondeadicedj:deadicedj 1 0
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You Needed Only Love
'Round and 'round,
slowly spinning.
Dying on the ground
as my blood is thinning.
Stomach filled with pills,
hand still clutching blade.
Mind overwhelmed by kills,
whispering "I've got it made."
Body so stiff and cold,
"going to Hell."
I say so bold,
as the razor takes its toll.
I see a light
and hear a voice.
Surrounded by arms of might,
"You've made a great choice.
"You needed only love,
but searched for hate.
And now you're alone,
but you think it's too late.
"You life is gone,
you missed your chance.
You missed THE ONE,
and your final dance.
"Welcome to your hell,
It is here with me.
You don't know it well,
but in time you will see.
"You needed only love,
and now you have it.
With us above,
we'll break the habit.
"Put down your blade,
put down your pills.
And an arrangement will be made,
followed by a test of wills."
:iconbardiel:bardiel 1 2
People were playing BINGO by Zenodurio People were playing BINGO :iconzenodurio:Zenodurio 1 6
My Suicide
My suicide
come to me
save me from the ugliness of the
sweep me off my feet
and take me to that place
where no one hurts
that place thats hidden
by the mourners and the guilt ridden
save me my suicide
grasp my hand and show me the light
take me to the dark
the place of emoty hearts
and souls of sorrow
i leave here tomorrow
thank you my suicide
my life shall end tonight
:iconsacredshadowdweller:sacredshadowdweller 2 5
Take that knife in your hand
Open every wound you can
Unwind what your mind sees
Try to understand me.
Tell me what your heart says
I'll tell you what I fear the most
It is this world undressed
It is my love exposed.
:iconpoisonlilac:poisonlilac 1 2



Tyler R. Yost
United States
Current Residence: In the last fragment of my existence
Favourite genre of music: EBM, Gothic, Industrial, Electronica, Metal
Favourite photographer: Jenn Davis
Favourite style of art: Gothic
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: Winamp, Sansa
Shell of choice: One that surrounds my shattered heart.
Wallpaper of choice: Death-vl
Skin of choice: Pale, without tan
Favourite cartoon character: Freaky Fred (Courage the Cowardly Dog)
Personal Quote: Yeeeah... Not so much.
  • Listening to: System Syn -=- The Saddest Sound Was You
  • Reading: Friendly Atheist dot com
  • Watching: Brick
  • Playing: Tales of Vesperia (360)
  • Eating: Rice
  • Drinking: Tea
It's been a while since I've been here. Just stoppin' by and checking up on things. I've been teaching myself C#. I'm coming along. Learning is taking a bit longer than I would like, but it's rewarding... at least to me. Here's what I have so far, -->… . That has taken at least 20 hours of time to learn, implement new things and troubleshoot. But it's a small victory everytime I figure out something new, and get it to work. Been playing an array of games, and watching many different movies lately. Nothing outstanding on the movie side of things. I still love Brick, and watch it whenever I have some downtime. That's pretty much it. Take care.


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